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Tuesday, June 23, 2009
  mark stuckey
.friends.we have newly finished work.       .markstuckey.com.

.a talented. musician (slash) artist from .Los Angeles .who has a new album coming out july 09, (2009).called: "when we need hope"


.earthy tones... (my favorite is when people taste wine and refer to dirt {using this term} but i think this overused term works for this website) 
                              .we have no problem operating in cliches'.

.so feel free to stop by his site and also buy his album.

.any how i will see you folks later.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
  Elite Bottling
the collective has just finished a new site for elite bottling... at last! we've buttoned up our collars and are proud of the sites "strictly business" qualities... Elite bottling is San Luis Obispo county's premier bottling service... its something fresh and new in our line up of projects.... i guess "versatility" is the word i'm trying to say... you be the judge..

if you would like to see more of this project visit there website elitebottling.com

thats it for now...
enjoy your day,


Wednesday, May 13, 2009
  {Fall In Love}
...the other day cameron (an insanely talented photographer) had his first ever workshop here at the collective office called  ...{fall in love}... cute i know... 

...it will be the first of many that cameron will be leading... and is extremely worth it for the photo connoisseur who is interested in shooting couples professionally...


visit his {blog} have him shoot your wedding

  new curtains..
.yo. ...we've got some pretty sweet new curtains here at the 805... (custom painted)

.and the bathroom is almost completely finished. (pictures soon)

..we've got a lot of projects in the works we shall show you the goodies very soon..

heres a preview of those curtains!

...we will see you back here next week...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009
  It's All New! It's All Crazy! It's Alright!
-Hello Hello... nation of 805.... So basically I'll be maintaining this blog... My name is August I'm the new intern here at the Collective (also a first time blogger) so you can bare with me.... but anyhow

cool things have been going on around these parts.... which includes: art shows. new bathroom. light boxes. curtains. fish eye photos. wood business cards. the tallest people on earth.... oh and a bit of design here and there...

here are some goodies, to feast your eyes upon... (so you can have more of an idea of how sweet everything has been going)

thats all i have time for today but... I'll be back... to show and tell you more

Thursday, December 11, 2008
  Matt Papa.
So, one of the last cd layouts that we at the 805 Collective have done, was for none other than the one and only Matt Papa. His layout came along quite nicely, and then we worked on a website design to coexist with the aforementioned cd layout. Here are some screen shots of the web page

and then here is the corresponding cd.

We wish Matt all the best, and we're sure you'll be hearing from him soon. Let us know
what you think about the cd and web design and how it turned out.

We've also been clearing out the former One Truth office upstairs getting ready to move in some new office roommates. We'll blog soon about who these people are, and maybe get some pics of their beautiful faces. Also there is some amazing artwork being done in house, that will be getting hung on our walls making them more delicious then normal. Check back soon.

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Friday, December 5, 2008
  Picture this....
Hey everyone. We've been working hard at the 805 Collective fortress, getting projects done. Living on the Central Coast we realize that we live in an area that has an abnormal ratio of amazing photographers to normal people that maybe aren't so good a photography.

So naturally, we've been doing websites for these amazing people.

One of the more recent sites we designed was for Katie DiSimone. Check it out.

Katie was fun to work with, and has some really great photos, so look around her site.

One of the next photographers that we worked with was Ken Kienow. What a sweetheart this guy is.

Right now Ken's office is right down the street from us, so we've been seeing a ton of this guy. I always was a little bit happier after each visit from Ken.

Always a pleasure to be around, his site ended looking almost as cool as he does.

There is so much more that we've been working on, and there are some really sweet sites coming to completion. So check back soon.

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