2018… What a year!

NOVEMBER 04, 2018

Hi amigos,

Greetings from Quito Ecuador!

1. Check out this video of what God is doing in La Fuente

2. Read a little more details of this new season of ministry

A much needed update and a new season of ministry

As we are finishing 2018, I am in awe of God’s good, gracious and guiding hand. It was in June 2008 that God, without my permission, had me arriving back in my home city of Quito, Ecuador. If you would have told me back then that in 10 years I would be married to a godly wife, have two beautiful kids, and that I would be pastoring a church that has the privilege to serve other churches in Ecuador and beyond, I would have smiled and probably thought that you were crazy. 

Looking back at this year, I realized that this newsletter is actually our only newsletter for the year. Why? Well, 2018 was a year in which we experienced some of the sweetest moments as a family while also faced some of the most challenging times in ministry. In this last year, (and part of 2017) we had to walk with the dear saints of La Fuente as we dealt with the departure of many key leaders. Some of them were called back home to the U.S. others had to move for education and others were called to different ministries and responsibilities. Those changes were really hard, but the Lord has been faithful and he used those challenging times to mature our young church, myself (as a young pastor) spiritually, and move us to a new stage in the life of the church.


  • Personally.  2018 has been a sweet year in our marriage. Marissa and I are doing great and things at home are busy but filled with joy and growth. A week ago, we celebrated Marissa’s birthday and I was so encouraged to hear testimony after testimony of people that have been blessed by my wife’s faithful ministry. This year (July) we also became a family of 4 with the birth of our baby boy (Knox Juan Fernando).
  • La Fuente As mentioned previously, the church experienced some rough moments with the transition, but the Lord was kind to add new members and also see people mature into taking roles of leadership, step up to help accommodate various ministry opportunities, marriages, fighting sin, etc.
  • Children’s Hunger Fund La Fuente is currently leading a Mercy Network through CHF (13 churches). Every year, La Fuente manages the distribution of hundreds of food packs and the equipping of those churches to do church- based, gospel centered mercy work. This comes alongside our other efforts to strengthen churches.  
  • Bridging  One of my desires while planting La Fuente (“fountain” in Spanish), was for it to become a church that could be a blessing to other churches locally by becoming a fountain of biblical resources. With an awakening in Latin America for good doctrine, ministries in U.S. and other places are seeking for reliable contacts in Latin America. Many of you have contacted us with faithful ministries that desire to serve this part of the World. With that in mind, La Fuente (can you tell that we love the Local church) has been able to host events that have helped bless and encourage other ministries locally. An example just occurred a few weeks ago when a Tweet materialized into visit by Tim Challies, who preached and did a “Ask me anything” event. 
  • Biblical Counseling. A key area of ministry is the area of Biblical Counseling. With Jota (Juan) becoming ACBC certified this year, La Fuente has almost 1/4 of all the Certified biblical counselors in the region as members. Moreover, God has blessed us with other key people that love biblical counseling and are committed to the local church. This has allowed for our little church to get involved in helping train people in BC, not only in Ecuador but in other places in the region (we currently have students all over Ecuador, Mexico, the U.S., Chile and requests that we can’t accommodate in at least 4 other countries). Moreover, we have the opportunity to help ACBC and other organizations as they are seeking to serve the Spanish speaking world.
  • Pastoral Training. Biblical counseling and all the ministries mentioned above, can’t be done separate from theological training. In 2019, La Fuente will have finished co-hosting a three year modular training. We are excited to prayerfully move this training into a formal church based Bible Institute. 

A new season. Partner with us

As you see above, God has been so gracious and we have the privilege and responsibility to serve not only the people at La Fuente but a growing number of local churches. As we look forward to 2019, here are a few things that we are praying for:

  1. We ask you to please pray for us as we seek to be faithful to what the Lord is doing. We are in exciting times that also require a lot of wisdom and God’s leading. Please pray for our marriage, our young family and for the Lord to send laborers!
  2. Please pray as we are discussing how to improve our leadership training and how to invite other churches to it.
  3. Please pray as we are planning on applying to become the first ACBC training center in Latin America.
  4. Please pray for our partnership with CHF and the possibility to receive a larger container and  through that expand the number of churches in the Network. 
  5. Please pray as we are looking for individuals and churches that would be interested in partnering with us financially to accommodate the growth. Moreover, some supporters are going through transitions and we need new financial partners. One specific project that we are especially excited about is that the church currently is independent and self sufficient. At this point, we are looking at partners that could come alongside of La Fuente to provide a stipend for a ministry internship as well as staff that would help us more effectively serve other churches and ministries involved with La Fuente.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to connect with us in social media, where we try to post pictures of what is going on in our lives. (Also www.losmoncayos.com)

Bendiciones, Jota, Marissa, Willow and Knox