After over a year of waiting (New locale for La Fuente)


It was 10:05am and we were in the middle of our our Sunday routine. We were in prayer being surrounded by a great group of men and women that are a great encouragement to us. We were praying for the Lord to be glorified in all we do. From the relationships being built around the “bienvenida” (welcome) area, the worship set and the exposition of the word. As I was praying, I started to remember having the same prayer time in the back room of our apartment about 3 years ago. We prayed for God to do great things. Today, I (Jota) was overwhelmed as I was thinking of what He is doing, the lives transformed, the stories of redemption, the growth in our desire to please Jesus and today just thinking of His provision on our new locale. Thinking that the group of people praying was double of the team that started this dream in our apartments living room.

A little over a year ago, we started a search for a new locale. At that point, we had a list of things that we wanted for our new locale. That list included everything from classroom space, a bigger auditorium, hopefully a stage area, a central location (not around other churches), proximity to public transportation, parking places, etc. After about a year of closed doors, we started to reconsider what needed to be in that “list”.  We continue looking, now with an open mind and willing to get creative on what kind of space we could use to have our Sunday gathering. The search was frustrating… nothing was even close, and the prices were ridiculous.

Then on a Sunday after celebration a  brother is  walking, praying and looking for a locale. The Lord puts in his heart to enter a building. He finds a locale that is perfect, but there is no indication that they have a desire to rent it. A few days later, in a way that can only be attributed to the hand of a Holy, powerful God, he happens to have a meeting with the guy that happens to manage that building. He describes the locale and about 3 weeks later we have our first Gathering there. God provided!

Thank you for your prayers!

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