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What a year… and it’s not done yet! (part 1)

Edit: Nov 28th. Busy week that included a little girl with a double ear infection has us a little behind on sending part 2. Is coming soon tho! Hi friends here is a summary of what the Lord has been doing since our last update. This is part 1. In part 2 we will share […]

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An update that we forgot to post

Update from May, 2017 Posted in our Facebook group. Email us if you would want to join. Hi friends! God is gracious and we just got back from a busy, fun, needed, time in the U.S. where by God’s grace, I was able to graduate Seminary.  For now a few important prayers requests. 1. We […]

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After over a year of waiting (New locale for La Fuente)

  It was 10:05am and we were in the middle of our our Sunday routine. We were in prayer being surrounded by a great group of men and women that are a great encouragement to us. We were praying for the Lord to be glorified in all we do. From the relationships being built around […]

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Update October. The one about visa issues, praying to not be deported, tough times and the word of God.

Whatever is not eternally useful is eternally useless. -C.S. Lewis. As we shared previously, our time in the US was a great blessing. A blessing not only as we saw God providing materially and with great encouragement from friends and family, but because we got to see the Lord’s sustaining power in the midst’s of […]

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Jonathan Grisanti: Moncayo’s Ministry

My name is Jonathan Grisanti and this summer I was blessed with the opportunity to spend close to six weeks in Ecuador with five other students from The Master’s College serving along side with Juan and Marissa Moncayo. In our short time in Ecuador, both Juan and Marissa taught me a lot about ministry not […]

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Biblical Counseling in ECUADOR by Alex Krall

Now that I’m back home in the states, I keep hearing myself saying, “I want to find a church like La Fuente!” And it’s not just because there are awesome people involved…like Jota and Maris. More specifically, one of the things I most value about La Fuente is the core group wants biblical counseling to […]

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Guest Updates From Our New Amigos #1The People of La Fuente by Sarah

For those of you that didn’t know, we had the great chance to host a team of 6 students/graduates from our Alma Mater (The Master’s College). This was a great and humbling opportunity as we love and are super thankful for our time at TMC. Needless to say we were surprised, blessed and thankful that […]

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La Fuente Video.

This is a quick video of the baby church plant we get to serve.

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