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For those of you that didn’t know, we had the great chance to host a team of 6 students/graduates from our Alma Mater (The Master’s College).

This was a great and humbling opportunity as we love and are super thankful for our time at TMC. Needless to say we were surprised, blessed and thankful that the college would entrust us with a group of students. Thankfully, other than some stomach issues, funny stories, and few scrapes while painting and moving things…¬† they all survived 6 weeks with the Moncayos! Go us!

Anyways, since a week from today we will be in the US visiting various churches, friends and family; we thought this would be a great time to share with you about our ministry in Ecuador from the eyes of our new friends from TMC. We have been so blessed by this group and they set the bar really high for future teams coming to visit. Our prayer is that their writing can provide  a fresh set of eyes of our ministry here for our friends in the U.S.


The People of La Fuente by Sarah Bryerton

Hello family and friends of Los Moncayos! My name is Sarah Bryerton, and I had the privilege of being one of the students on the team that The Master’s College sent down to Ecuador this summer to work with Jota and Marissa. The entire team loved being able to minister alongside of them and watch the new church plant (La Fuente) grow, and when our team was asked what our favorite part of the trip was, any one of us would say that is was getting to know our brothers and sisters in La Fuente. The people really made this trip, as did the Lord’s grace to allow us to come alongside them in loving Christ and learning how to live the gospel out in daily life together.

Just to give you a better picture of some of the people we grew to love, I want to first introduce a few specific people and then give a broader overview. So, enjoy getting to know some of the saints from La Fuente as I remember them!

First, we got to know some of the people from the core group. This included head church planters Steve and Sandy Youngren, Noah, his wife Kate, and their three young sons, (who make up the gringo brothers and sisters of the core team), and them we have Cesar, Juan Ma(nuel), Mariqui, Amy Youngren, and then of course Jota and Maris. Steve and Sandy are a really great couple who have an amazing vision for a property out in the country where they hope to provide a training center and retreat for missionaries. It was sweet for our team to see how heard Steve works for La Fuente and how much Sandy loves to serve her husband.

Cesar was another young man from the core group that our team really enjoyed spending time with. He is trying to start his own baking business and is learning how to trust the Lord and glorify him through that. He plays a mean guitar and is on the worship team for La Fuente. There was one night in particular that he came over to Jota and Marissa’s house and we all got to play worship songs for two hours, just really enjoying singing to our Lord in both Spanish and English. Not only did he provide us with come incredibly tasty pizza, but Cesar also shared with us his awesome testimony of how the Lord saved him out of the music scene in Argentina a few years back, and is is awesome to watch him now pouring into La Fuente as well as living intentionally with his family.

Juan Manuel (Juanma) is another enthusiastic brother that is crazy sold out for Jesus! He is passionate about people, loving like Christ, and learning how to counsel through the Scriptures. He soaked up the seminar a few of us gave on counseling and is eager to use it to edify the congregation as well as everyone else he knows. We all enjoyed getting to know Juanma and will miss his joy.

Cesar’s mom is named Esperanza, and I got to build a sweet relationship with her personally. She has become a dear sister in Christ to me, and often times she and I would have sweet conversations. We were able to talk of many different things, but we often spoke of the Lord, which was such a sweet blessing and I always looked forward to seeing her! She was in the basic English class that I taught while in Ecuador, and Cesar was in my advanced class. He told me how when they got saved, he had a relationship with his mom for the first time. I got to hear a little more of their family story, and have been so thankful for the way that the Lord is healing lives and restoring relationships in the people here, and they have in turn glorified Him for doing so. So beautiful!

The last lady I would life to share about is Leonor. She is the single mom of three kids as of 3 years ago, when her husband was murdered in a train station. She sells candy on the streets to support her children, and has recently started cleaning houses as well. We watched how La Fuente comes around their family and loves them, and it was beautiful. A couple of men in the church advise her on money and things, and have come up with a few things for her to do to help with finances. A couple of other guys have stepped into a father role for her son, and spend time loving and teaching him. She is one of the most cheerful, sweet, loving people I observed there. She loves to worship; and the Lord is truly her joy.
I love the people that we got to meet and live alongside of for our 6 weeks in Ecuador, and hope that little picture into who they are gives you a better picture of some of the people that Jota and Maris are ministering to and with! They are awesome saints who love the Lord and desire to serve Him. We will miss them so much, and hope that you pray for them as we do!

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