Jonathan Grisanti: Moncayo’s Ministry

My name is Jonathan Grisanti and this summer I was blessed with the opportunity to spend close to six weeks in Ecuador with five other students from The Master’s College serving along side with Juan and Marissa Moncayo. In our short time in Ecuador, both Juan and Marissa taught me a lot about ministry not only in the way they serve at Church but also in the way they live their daily lives. In this update I am going to talk about the Moncayo’s ministry in Ecuador.

Juan and Marissa both work at the school in Quito, Alliance Academy International. Juan has been working full time in the special needs department while Marissa works in the office. This year was a very busy year for the Moncayos as they were both working at the school and also working with the Church plant, La Fuente. The Moncayos are also dorm parents which has its many challenges but also great opportunities for pointing those kids to Christ. This next year Juan is changing his position at the school so that he will only be working part time which will enable him to be more focused on the Church plant, which is what he is extremely passionate about. Juan is one of the two main teaching elders at the Church plant. They have a cycle where Juan will preach for three consecutive weeks, then one of the other church leaders will preach one week, then Steve will preach three weeks, and then the cycle repeats itself. Our team from The Master’s College was only in Ecuador for six weeks but we were able to see the Moncayo’s heart for the Church. Every Tuesday night they have Community Group where people from the Church come and meet at the Moncayos small apartment and fellowship with one another. I speak for the whole team when I say that the Moncayos greatly impacted us in the way they lived out their ministry. Their ministry is simple but yet profound; pour into people, love people, display Christ, and show them how to daily live out the gospel. This kind of ministry is not the most glamorous type of ministry but it is desperately needed, especially in Ecuador.


Many times, it is challenging to love people and to consistently pour into them because it is a ministry that does not always show its fruit. While we were with the Moncayos we were able to see some fruit from Juan’s ministry. He has been pouring into a young man by the name of Jonathan. Juan has been building his relationship with Jonathan and encouraging him for over a year and a half and even though we were only in Ecuador for six weeks we were able to see significant growth in this young man’s love for the Lord. Jonathan joined us in our trip out to the coast to the little town called Travesia. Jonathan helped us run a VBS for the children from the community, and even though he had never worked with kids he stepped up and put Christ on display in front of these kids. It was a good reminder to me and my team to be intentional in the way we build our relationships with people and to strive to point people to Christ daily.


Please join us in praying for the Moncayos and their ministry in Ecaudor as the ministry I have described is not the common thing in Ecuador.


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