What a year… and it’s not done yet! (part 1)

Edit: Nov 28th. Busy week that included a little girl with a double ear infection has us a little behind on sending part 2. Is coming soon tho!

Hi friends here is a summary of what the Lord has been doing since our last update. This is part 1. In part 2 we will share some family and La Fuente updates…

For the last few years we have been working and praying for La Fuente to start a Mercy Network in our city in partnership with Children’s Hunger Fund. This September the Lord answered all those years of prayers and we had the privilege of hosting over a dozen churches that received the “Rethink Mercy” training needed to launch the new Quito Mercy Network. Please pray as we should be receiving a container in the next few months. Pray for all the churches in the network to faithfully preach the gospel as they practice biblical church based mercy work in our city. Please pray especially for a dear and faithful brother at LF named Diego, who is coordinating this network.

A bonus of the trip was getting to spend time with my dear friend Mario (from my Master’s University days) and getting invited to serve along the CHF team as they did training in the coast to the existing Mercy Network there.

Much is going on in the area of Biblical Counseling

We were invited to help a dear group of saints with a biblical counseling conference with Dr. John Street in Santiago de Chile. I (Juan) had the opportunity to translate, teach at the conference and also record a Q&A session for an online class that La Fuente ran for the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.

We also had our first intensive week of training with the visit of Dr. Jim Fain from Rod and Staff Ministries.These training is divided in two parts:1. A basics of biblical counseling group open to anyone interested in getting equipped in biblical counseling. We had over a hundred people representing various churches, schools, etc. Please pray as our next intensive week is planned for January or February and we are looking for a qualified instructor.






2. An advanced track for those that have taken our basic class. We were also able to serve about a dozen other  churches in other parts of Ecuador and the region that tuned in through live-stream with the skills of some brothers from La Fuente.

For each of the two tracks students received class resources that included booklets by Dr. Jim Newheiser (thankful for the discount and help from POIEMA publishing) and “Trusting God” from Jerry Bridges.

Translation work. By God’s grace we have seen a growing number of biblical counseling and practical theology books translated into Spanish. On the other hand some key resources such as observation videos and practical materials to be used in counseling are still in need. We are currently working with IBCD to translate observation videos. We are praying as we think that ideally we would love to have a team that is constantly translating materials.

I (Jota) am currently in the last phase of ACBC certification. I get the opportunity to have a weekly Skype call with an ACBC fellow. My supervisor is Dr. Keith Palmer (btw, If you were not able to listen to his plenary session at the latest ACBC conference, I highly recommend you to listen to it when it becomes available). During my weekly time with Dr. Palmer, I get to learn from a seasoned and wise biblical counselor who helps me grow and improve my counseling. This time has become the highlight of my week! I also see the need for this kind of training to be available in Spanish. Please pray for that in the future!

Pastoral and leadership training– As you may know. Three times a year, La Fuente partners with our friends from Compassion Connection to provide a leadership training module. By God’s grace the last module was a great success and we are excited for what God will do next. We are  excited that we again get the opportunity to have dear friends coming to partner with us for our  module in early February. Please pray for that.

We want to ask you to pray especially for pastor Guido and Iglesia Cristiana Fuente de Vida (on the right of the picture above). In God’s sovereignty, Guido and Jota connected and Jota has been mentoring Guido as he pastors those dear saints.

Please pray as I have been doing a devotional that airs two times a week in the local Christian TV station (and is also streamed online if you want to practice your Spanish).

Finally, Jota was selected with a small group of Spanish speaking pastors to attend a IX Marks International Intensive in Washington D.C. in March next year. The program will cover transportation, accommodation, food and resources. We are prayerfully looking for someone that might be willing to give miles or help us with a plane ticket (most likely LAX to DCA or BWI).

That for now… tomorrow, we will post part 2, in which we will share about our family (Jota, Marissa, and Willow) and our church family (la Fuente) that we love dearly. I can tell you that the update will include a bunch of pictures of little Willow and you won’t want to miss it!

Also, as you consider Giving Tuesday, please consider partnering with us.

In the last two years, we have seen the Lord’s hand of provision since for 5 years we never met our support level. For the last two years we have not only met our support level, but dear people have also encouraged us with various opportunities to be encouraged and equipped. We are not sure what God is doing but we are excited. The ministry is growing and at this point we are looking for partners for the various ministries that we have shared previously.

If you prayerfully would like to partner with what the Lord is doing and helping financially please consider going to the DONATE page of the site or you can contact us if you have further questions.

We love you,

Los Moncayos

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